Adidas and the case of the Consistent Cross-Border CX delivery

August 8, 20170 comments

Last year I was impressed by the customer experience delivered by the Adidas flagship branch in Paris. Whilst we didn’t buy

anything on the relaxed family holiday visit, my 10 year old spots mad son has gone on to become a fan of Adidas with it often being his first choice. Fast forward one year and I’m charged by Henry, my son with purchasing a specific Adidas flip flop (Havanas now ditched) it’s all about the flop and the sock. Who would have thought flip flops and socks would be in style.

Following a meeting in Holborn so dressed in business suit an tie this time, I headed to Oxford Street and specifically the Adidas shop. Would I find consistency in the customer experience in a different country, looking like a different ‘customer segment’ and with a purchase ticket price of just £15?

Absolutely. It was like being back in Paris!

The decor and style of the store was consistent (and so it should be you could say). The Adidas brand promotes itself as ‘only the best for the athlete’, so the store was full of decor which demonstrated they are serious about this. From running machines, twitter feeds of athletic endeavours happening now around the world by customers and the brand alike, to athletically posed mannequins and energetic happy staff bouncing across the shop floors with a spring in every step and an attitude that says, ‘only the best means best service too’. Smiles all round.

I’m no world authority on flip flops so when armed with details limited to size, price and a rough description, I was grateful to two members of staff who searched stockrooms for me to find the pair that matched my son’s criteria.  For one member of staff this meant it being at the same time as being briefed on new lines by a supervisor. This showed to me, they are always on, with a demonstration that both service and an updated product knowledge are equally important to customers so neither should be neglected for the other.

Plus things move fast in the world of sport. Hence this novel ‘magnetic’ board to display items and change daily or even hourly depending on what product lines are to be featured.

I left the store feeling uplifted and convinced that everyone who worked there lived and breathed athleticism, making it feel fun accessible for all – even when you turn up in a suit!

The decor massively reflecting this, with it’s attention to detail from every corner of the store, amplifying the differentiated brand experience Adidas offers compared to other more general soulless sports superstores.

England. France. Shopping with son. Shopping in suit. Football Boots. Flip Flops – the same Adidas experience.

Keep it up Adidas, unsung heroes of Customer Experience.

Posted by Christopher Brooks, Director Lexden [Independent Customer Experience Consultancy]

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