Winning on Purpose. In conversation with Fred Reichheld, the inventor of NPS

March 14, 20220 comments

Lexden’s Christopher Brooks is the host of the Customer Experience Superheroes series. Voted a top 10 CX podcast, the CX Superheroes is now in its ninth series. What a legend of modern business practice to have as the guest for the latest series. Fred Reichheld’s work has touched more people on the planet than anyone else in customer experience. As the inventor of Net Promoter Score, he has seen the concept applied with great effect but also wildly abused. In his new book Winning on Purpose he helps to set those who have gone astray right and prove how enlightening customers lives is the most powerful purpose, underpinned with a new measure to prove the commercial advantage of getting it right.

Join Christopher and Fred in a brilliant discussion and discover why Fred remains loyal to Bain and who this book is really written for.

Series 9 Episode 1 CX Superheroes podcast

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