• What Matters Most
  • Where & When it Matters
  • How to be distinctive

We help clients put customers at the heart of the decision.

As independents we have the opportunity to identify the best Customer Experience Services for our clients based on their requirements. To do this we help clients by providing effective customer experience assessments, strategies, training and solutions.

Our assessment audits identify where we need to start. Furthermore, we can advise where investment will achieve the greatest return for you.

Maybe you do not know what your brand’s CX DNA is? Every brand is different as are their customers. Hence, understanding what is most important gives you an advantage in customer experience.

Here’s our three step approach to get this most critical answer:

1. We understand and prioritise ‘What Matters Most’ to your customer’s decision making

2. We identify and improve ‘Where it Matters Most‘ across your customers’ engagement journeys with you.

3. We help you identify and optimise ‘How your brand fulfils this better than all others’



  • What Matters Most - There can be little doubt that business has finally woken up to the power of applied customer centric thinking. A key element to this is understanding the potential for CX as a business solution. This starts with insight; principally what matters most to customers, how well the organisation is positioned and equipped to optimise this and setting the right measurement of progress through customer feedback and business performance.

    At Lexden we have experience across all of these areas providing the insight which fuels investment into Customer Experience programmes. Read More...
  • When & Where it Matters - Our experience shows that CX programmes falter due to a lack of robust Customer Experience Strategy. Structuring the programme to achieve the business potential from CX is a challenge if the organisation has no track record in this area.

    At Lexden we have developed several programmes to support organisations depending on their CX maturity.

    We will map across your journeys where you are now, and apply a created set of Brand Experience Standards which blend our brand distinction with what matters most to customers to ensure your CX design is unique to you and relevant to our customers. Read More...
  • How to be distinctive - It is accepted wisdom that customer experience needs to be driven with passion and purpose in order for it to be valued by customers. What is less understood is that those that are entrusted to delivery it must be valued as well. Engaging employees to activate CX effectively is critical. In addition, embedding a structure to ensure consistent and aligned continuous improvement is vital. There are two further areas of importance; the communication activity which is often the first area CX improvements are delivered and the quality of third party vendors involved in supporting your CX strategies. Read More...

What Matters Most

Only 3% of clients prosper from CX investment which is often because areas have been overlooked or delivered without full consideration of the dependencies or wider impact on the business.

This starts with insight. By which we mean understanding what actually makes a difference to customer behaviour and business profitability from CX. To achieve this we run several Customer Insight programmes.

These include the most progressive and predictive Customer Experience Measurement currently available; EXQ(c) (Experience Quality Measurement) developed by Lexden non-Exec Director Professor Dr Phil Klaus which reliably accounts for 88% of customer’s Share of Category Decision making from CX.

In addition, Lexden has managed customer panels for clients as well as undertaking ethnographic studies, collaboration communities and behavioural change research programmes.

We have also undertaken several assessments of client’s customer experience structures as well. These include Customer Services, Brand Activation and Customer Feedback programmes.

All of which we develop for client’s specific needs, so if you have a requirement, please contact us.



When & Where it Matters

Brand experience stacks up commercially as well as culturally. Vanguards delivering branded customer experience see a 6:1 ROI versus the preservers making small improvements at 1.25:1

Our Brand Experience Standards ensure that everyone in the organisations designs consistent customer experiences with the same distinct brand purpose and promises embedded

The result of which is in internal confidence and clarity regarding how to deliver brand beyond comms and the resulting delivery of a harmonious demonstration of the brand across every touchpoint allows customers to extract meaningful value from it.

If your brand isn’t represented in your customer experience, we can help you achieve more. Contact Us.

How to be distinctive

An organisation should be looking to create activation opportunities for customers at every engagement point across the business: employees, communications, continuous improvement and third party vendor management.

Prioritising these areas will produce more brand infected and customer motivating improvements.

We have developed a series of approaches to help across each of these areas to drive a cultural adopted CX effectiveness discipline.

Each Customer Activation programmes starts with an understanding of the desired customer experience potential and concludes with how experiences must be improved to motivate employees and leverage assets to deliver a better experience for customers.

We can help clients understand whether their employees view CX as a philosophy or a project and move them to all see it as a new way of life. If you think you are underutilising your employees, need creative thinking to spark better improvements and communications or need support bringing third party providers into line, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us.

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