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Lexden is committed to achieving better customer outcomes to improve overall profitability

We are a group of the world’s most capable customer experience experts. We have made household brands famous for their CX. We have built world class capability and solutions for clients. We have enabled senior leaders to turn their companies around with best practice CX. We have come together yo provide arguably the world’s finest CX coaching and mentoring services.

We are a specialist CX consultants dedicated to the pursuit of driving sustainable profits from experiences which customers value, motivate employees and create good profits for companies.

We match our consultants to our clients CX experience, ambitions and sector experience. Our approach increases the confidence of senior execs in the importance and strategic significance of customer experience as a sustainable growth model for business success.  customer’s value within an organisation.

Customer experience provides an opportunity to improve outcomes for all; customers, colleagues, corporations, shareholders, communities and society.

We don’t sell tech solutions, so we can think customer first rather than digital or anything else first. This freedom helps clients we work with connect customer experience to success (rather than pegging it to a short term transformation initiative).

Especially relevant is that our way of working has attracted praise from the academic world. As a consequence, we have access to the latest CX thinking which is redefining how clients think.

Meet the coaches…well two of them

Christopher Brooks

After 20 years of putting the customer first, I consider myself an experienced and  versatile customer experience coach. I created Lexden as an independent customer experience support consultancy to help clients drive sustainable profitability from good behaviours.

Furthermore, this passion has attracted the interests of international brands such as Visa, Sony, UCL, Carlson Rezidor, LadbrokesCoral, RSA and Syngenta.

“CX can get ahead of senior leaders. Before they realise it becomes a mechanic for chasing targets and removing friction. Leaders need to be equipped to align their target operating model to growth from CX. Once established the returns they generate will accelerate them, and their endeavours forward”

Heidi Stone

Lexden’s further CX Coaching team:

Award winning General Insurance CX Leader

Travel, Financial Services and Telcomms Transformation consultant

International expert in Customer Experience Management 

Compete for your customers, not against your competiton