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Lexden is committed to achieving better customer outcomes to improve overall profitability

Our clients say we we offer the customer experience support they are looking for. They say we are passionate about what we do and are committed to delivering meaningful customer led solutions for them.

Here’s what clients have to say

Lexden’s Christopher Brooks realised the marketing agencies he’d worked for couldn’t see beyond generating their revenues. So clients were missing out on the right level of customer experience support. As a result, at Lexden our view is to always ask ‘does it add customer value?’ If we help you get that right, then customers will reward you with greater commitment.

With this ‘adding customer value’ focus driving our thinking we arrive at better outcomes for customers. Furthermore, our independent status enables us to provide customer experience support solutions which are best for our clients customers’.

We are a specialist CX consultants dedicated to the pursuit of driving sustainable profits for clients. Our approach increases the importance and strategic significance of the customer’s value within an organisation. We provide a range of Customer Experience Support & Services to achieve this.

Most of all our independence means we are not slaves to one performance metric or feedback programme. We don’t sell tech solutions, so we can think customer first rather than digital or anything else first.

Especially relevant is that our way of working has attracted praise from the academic world. As a consequence, we have access to the latest CX thinking which is redefining how clients think.

Meet the team

Managing Director – Christopher Brooks

After 15 years of putting the customer first, I consider myself an experienced and I am told a versatile customer experience consultant. I created Lexden as an independent customer experience support consultancy to help clients drive profitability from the right solutions. Furthermore, this passion has attracted the interests of international brands such as Visa, Sony, UCL, Carlson Rezidor, LadbrokesCoral and Syngenta. Our defined approach has helped companies confidently pursue their CX ambitions. Also I enjoy writing for CX publications, regularly speaking at events and judging Customer Experience Awards. I run the successful CX Afternoon tea events.

Non-Executive Director – Professor Dr Phil Klaus

All my life I was convinced that providing customers with their desired experiences was the most powerful business model. As a senior manager, prior to becoming an academic, I was exposed to the shortcomings of measuring customer experience profitability based upon customer intentions. Neither management consultants, nor scholars could provide me with a tool that links CX to purchasing behaviour and profitability. So I dedicated the next four years of my life exclusively to finding the solution to this problem. I have remained on the path of developing, testing, and validating

Lexden’s Customer Experience Support team:

Olga Potaptseva – Customer Experience Consultant

Heidi Stone – Customer Experience Consultant 

Colette Porter – Customer Experience Consultant

Pete Martin – Content Director 

Steve Kempster – Creative Director

Lou Kiddier – Production Manager 

Compete for your customers, not against your competiton