10 reasons why Employee Experience will improve your Customer Experience

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10 reasons why Employee Experience will improve your Customer Experience

In a client meeting some time ago, I discussed delivery speed and accuracy issues with a company. Their products consistently fell short of customer expectations. We aimed to explore the correlation between this and employee turnover; a key aspect to address.

Five minutes into the meeting, one of the attendees excused himself and popped out, without explanation. They arrived back 5 minutes later. I asked what happened and he said he’d forgotten his notes for the meeting. Ten minutes after we started another of their colleagues arrived, apologising for being late with an explanation and everyone carried on.

At this point I asked how confident they were they could fix things. They said because it was simply a process issue it would be fine. I played back the lateness and incorrect information at the meeting. They recognised it was more than a process, it was cultural.

Lack of cultural alignment of Customer Experience (CX) is the second most cited reason for failure of customer experience. The focus for this company then shifted from customer experience to employee experience. It was agreed standards needed to be established which changed behaviours. With the employee experience improved, many of the customer experience issues disappear, specifically much of the bad demand – as in this case.

You can’t complete one without the other, but neither should you separate them. Working on customer experience initiatives is a great mechanic for staff to value the importance of delivering a great employee experience too.

10 stats highlighting the importance of Employee Experience on Customer Experience:

With a clear understanding of the pivotal role that employee experience plays in shaping customer perceptions and interactions, the next step is to explore actionable strategies for fostering a more positive and engaging workplace environment, ultimately driving sustained improvements in both employee satisfaction and customer loyalty.

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The common success factor is we never forget that the L&D programme needs an employee experience in its own right if the importance of customer experience messages is to land authentically. ​

This means, there is no standard approach. Depending on where the organisation is on its customer centric journey will define the right format and content for the CX training engagement. ​

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