Tune in to Lexden’s own CX Superhero’s Podcast, where your can listen to insights, ideas and inspiration from the world of Customer Experience. The emphasis is on people, brands and experiences which are ‘superhero’ like in their status. They either define best in class or are pushing the boundaries for the next generation of customer experience.

Our MD, Christopher Brooks also hosts the ECXO podcast series ‘ Experience the Difference’. In this podcast series we meet the founder, ambassadors and the members of the ECXO. We hear their stories through CX and their views on the importance in recognising and celebrating the cultural difference of CX across Europe.

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Episode 8

Measuring Emotional Drivers

In the ‘Experience the Difference’ podcast series from the European Customer Experience Organisation, we bring emerging talent to the spotlight, as well as share views from established thinkers. Recognising the importance of diversity in CX, we share a wide perspective of insights, ideas and new initiatives. In this episode, show host Christopher Brooks, catches up with Anne-Laure de Broissia. Based in Paris, France Anne-Laure is co-founder of emotional driver platform Maia- BE. As a former researcher, Anne-Laure shares how an engagement with a client in the luxury brand market highlighted the limitations of conventional measures of CX which inspired her to develop a solution the client could not only use but take the findings and action. To hear anne-Laure’s journey, the impact Maia-BE is making in the world of CX and how the ECXO is supporting that journey, download the podcast.

Danny Peters
Episode 7

The Power of Customer Journey

Danny Peters is the co-founder and CEO of MilkyMap. He has spent his career rocketing to where he is now with a fundamental truth driving him; customer journey mapping is limited without a management structure to drive insights through to delivered change.

In discussion with EXCO podcast host Christopher Brooks, Danny shares how evolving from a backlog of business directed to customer led only improvements is possible with the right approach to customer journey management. Danny also helps us understand the value a technology solution such as Milkymap, to manage customer journeys through the business.

In conversation Danny also applauds the ECXO for bringing together progressive minds to share and develop new ideas and solutions in CX.

Episode 6

The importance of clear job profiles in CX

In this episode, Agneiszka Sulicka-Faverey shares her views on the growing confusion created across customer experience through poor role profile and job title labelling. As a CX practitioner with many years of experience for organisations in Poland and beyond, Agneiszka is well placed to discuss views on this with the ‘Experience the Difference’ podcast hosted by Global CX Expert and ECXO podcast host, Christopher Brooks. Join them for a bite sized discussion covering importance of collaboration across CX to raise standards and why Agneiszka values being in the ECXO community.