Tune in to Lexden’s own CX Superhero’s Podcast, where your can listen to insights, ideas and inspiration from the world of Customer Experience. The emphasis is on people, brands and experiences which are ‘superhero’ like in their status. They either define best in class or are pushing the boundaries for the next generation of customer experience.

Our MD, Christopher Brooks also hosts the ECXO podcast series ‘ Experience the Difference’. In this podcast series we meet the founder, ambassadors and the members of the ECXO. We hear their stories through CX and their views on the importance in recognising and celebrating the cultural difference of CX across Europe.

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CX Design Podcast
Series 12, Episode 2

CX Design with Ricardo Sultz Gulko

This episode we focus on CX design and to do so we have an expert who has installed customer-led design thinking as a leading practice within international technology giants. Ricardo Sultz Gulko (Eglobalis Information) has worked with some of the world’s biggest brands helping them to design customer experiences around the outcome they want to achieve. 

Ricardo shares his journey and his methods to arrive at better CX design. As well as imparting an array of personal and professional design experiences.  Experimentation and Collaboration are just two of the customer-centric superpowers Ricardo discusses in conversation with Lexden CX’s Christopher Brooks, also your series host.

There are many aspects of customer experience. No one person can have a satisfactory depth of expertise in all areas. The CX Superheroes podcast series brings to the mic, experts in specific fields to give you, our esteemed listener, a broader appreciation of the various components to succesful customer centricity. 

Series 12, Episode 1

Doing B2B Better with Jim Tincher

Series 12 of the CX superheroes podcast series begins with an industry legend. There are few people in CX you’d want to spend time with more than Jim Tincher. Our excitement soared when Jim agreed to be a featured author in the Lexden CX Book Club, sharing the ‘making of’ ‘Do B2B Better.’ This book captures Jim’s learnings, openly addressing both failures and successes. In fact, our discussion highlights how earlier failures (or lessons) have informed his later and more frequent successes.

There are few books dedicated to the art of B2B CX, and as a global B2B CX practitioner, our host Christopher Brooks, engages in an informed and interrogative discussion on the topic.

While we avoid major book spoilers, our narrative closely aligns with Jim’s influences and inspiration for ‘Do B2B Better.’ Jim might just be the nicest guy in CX. Discover firsthand why he radiates such positive energy.

Series 11, Episode 4

The Human Experience with John Sills

John Sills, author, CX consultant and former head of customer innovations, is the latest in a line of illustrious professionals who have guested at the Lexden CX Book Club. John has been a crusader for better customer experiences for many years. First within a global corporate in the world of banking, and now with his consultancy helping clients ensure the experience they provide have a human connection, whether in person, on the phone of through digital contact. 

As Jon shares where the idea for his first book came from, we hear many of the themes that we’ve long emphasised on the CX Superhero podcast series as stand out traits. In conversation with series host, Christopher Brooks they explore common principles and uncover some of the reasons why CX will work, versus what holds in back in organisations. 

This provides the perfect introduction to John and his latest book, ‘The Human Experience’, and the perfect close to series 11. 

Series 11, Episode 3

Employee Engagement Drivers with Nicole Kyle

There is a lot of waffle on employee engagement and employee experience. Most of it is puffed up common sense or repurposed HR practices which HR practitioners have been aware of and delivering before CX was popular. But on occasion, and this podcast is one of those, someone steps forward who actually knows what they are talking about. Enter Nicole Kyle. In conversation with host of the Customer Experience Superheroes podcast series, Nicole shares the depth of insight gathered as MD at Customer Management Practice which has identified the primary drivers of employee engagement. This golden source unlocks the secrets of how to structure an effective employee engagement programme. There are few with more relevant credentials than Nicole as becomes evident when you hear the most authentic discussion on this topic you could wish to hear .

Series 11, Episode 2

People before Profits with Annette Franz

There is one content producer in the CX Community we have wanted to have as a guest for some time; Annette Franz. As a consultant, author, trainer and mentor Annette has spent a slice of her career working with clients to improve outcomes for their customers, colleagues and communities. This was a key part of our topic of this CX Superhero podcast episode. In conversation with Lexden’s Christopher Brooks, Annette shares her journey through CX and why putting people at the heart of a CX transformation is essential to succeed.

This is just one of the insightful and brilliantly written chapters from Annette’s latest business book, ‘Built to Win’. The discussion covers the origins of the book, its novel structure and taps into some of the themes which Annette brings to life with examples and practice templates.

To condense the highlights from Annette’s impressive career into a short podcast isn’t possible, but we thank her for her generosity to share so much in the time we did have. We hope you as inspired as we are.

Series 11, Episode 1

CX & Consumer Duty – James Edmonds

In Lexden’s latest CX Superheroes podcast episode we kick off series 11. And what better way to do it than in conversation with Investor in Customer’s James Edmonds. In conversation with host and former colleague of James at Lexden and client at RSA, the discussion focusses in on the new Financial Conduct Authority regulation; Consumer Duty. James shares his evidence on how financial services brands are adjusting their ways of working to address the four principles which underpin Consumer Duty.

The discussion broadens out to the impact of regulatory governance on customer experience ambitions and deliverables with both providing first hand experience of the catalyst and constraints that organisations deal with when regulation is a mandated stakeholder for CX in a business.

James also helps listeners appreciate the support and guidance available to business’ struggling to get to grips with, or take advantage of the well intended new legislation.

Regardless of whether you are associated to financial services, or a company in a regulated sector, it sheds light on what happens when your CX is partly directed by others.