Tune in to Lexden’s own CX Superhero’s Podcast, where your can listen to insights, ideas and inspiration from the world of Customer Experience. The emphasis is on people, brands and experiences which are ‘superhero’ like in their status. They either define best in class or are pushing the boundaries for the next generation of customer experience.

Our MD, Christopher Brooks also hosts the ECXO podcast series ‘ Experience the Difference’. In this podcast series we meet the founder, ambassadors and the members of the ECXO. We hear their stories through CX and their views on the importance in recognising and celebrating the cultural difference of CX across Europe.

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Series 13, Episode 1

CX Management Training with Michael Brandt

This episode of Lexden’s CX Superheroes features a must-listen for anyone who wants to elevate their customer experience game with training.

Join host Christopher Brooks as he interviews Michael Brandt, a European CX powerhouse. With over 3 decades of experience delivering impactful CX training around the globe, Michael shares his gold nuggets of wisdom on:

  • Building a Customer-Centric Culture: Discover proven techniques to equip your colleagues with the skills they need to create exceptional customer experiences.
  • Training Pitfalls Exposed: Learn from Michael’s experience to avoid common mistakes that can derail your training program’s effectiveness.
  • The Lexden CX Management Training Advantage: Michael unveils why he’s chosen to contribute to Lexden’s upcoming program, both by curating content and leading training sessions in specific regions.

And if you’d like to up your CX game with training this year, Michael is booked to be our Day 1 trainer in our 3 day training course in London in June. Find out more / book your spot.

Measuring Customer Experience with Phil Klaus
Series 12, Episode 4

Measuring Customer Experience with Prof Dr Phil Klaus

Can you be a double CX Superhero? With Prof Dr Phil Klaus we believe so because this is his second invitation to guest on the Customer Experience Superhero podcast. This time host Christopher Brooks gets the opportunity to find out more about the man behind the best seller, Measuring Customer Experience. Almost 10 years after publication, it is still seen by many as the ultimate book on CX measurement. 

Phil is the latest author to guest on Lexden’s CX Book Club.  And as has become the tradition, we spend time discovering where the inspiration to create the book came from, how it jumped from an idea to a best seller, what the writing process has meant and the aspects of publishing less enjoyed. On accounts Phil is very frank and reveals some of the frustrations encountered along the way.

Phil’s book, which provides a methodology for measuring behavioural change from customer experiences is as relevant today as it was when it first hit the shelves. If you want to know more about the person behind the author, tune in.  

Sophie Hedestad CX Superheroes Podcast
Series 12, Episode 3

OKRs in CX Management with Sophie Hedestad

In the latest episode of the CX Superheroes, Christopher Brooks, host and MD of Lexden CX speaks with Sophie Hedestad, founder of NOQX.

We came across Sophie in an article on the power of OKRs in customer experience, and wanted to learn more. In this episode we get to understand what OKR (Objective and Key Results) are, and why they are becoming more important than KPIs for progressive companies to manage performance.

Sophie shares the value of OKRs, and explains how they can help organisations meaningfully track progress and localise where more attention is needed.  In discussion, we understand how organisation and structure are needed to optimise OKR’s and Sophie introduces us to a technology solution which NOQX have been developing t simplify the management within large (and smaller) organisations.

Is this podcast for you?
If you’ve not heard of OKR’s this podcast is for you.
If you’ve heard of OKR’s but are still wondering if they are right for your business, this podcast is for you.   
If you are using OKR’s and want to understand how to systemise the management, this podcast is for you. 
In fact, anyone will get value so take a listen.

You can access her e-book ‘How you Succeed with OKRs” here: https://noqx.io/okr-e-book/

CX Design Podcast
Series 12, Episode 2

CX Design with Ricardo Sultz Gulko

This episode we focus on CX design and to do so we have an expert who has installed customer-led design thinking as a leading practice within international technology giants. Ricardo Sultz Gulko (Eglobalis Information) has worked with some of the world’s biggest brands helping them to design customer experiences around the outcome they want to achieve. 

Ricardo shares his journey and his methods to arrive at better CX design. As well as imparting an array of personal and professional design experiences.  Experimentation and Collaboration are just two of the customer-centric superpowers Ricardo discusses in conversation with Lexden CX’s Christopher Brooks, also your series host.

There are many aspects of customer experience. No one person can have a satisfactory depth of expertise in all areas. The CX Superheroes podcast series brings to the mic, experts in specific fields to give you, our esteemed listener, a broader appreciation of the various components to succesful customer centricity. 

Series 12, Episode 1

Doing B2B Better with Jim Tincher

Series 12 of the CX superheroes podcast series begins with an industry legend. There are few people in CX you’d want to spend time with more than Jim Tincher. Our excitement soared when Jim agreed to be a featured author in the Lexden CX Book Club, sharing the ‘making of’ ‘Do B2B Better.’ This book captures Jim’s learnings, openly addressing both failures and successes. In fact, our discussion highlights how earlier failures (or lessons) have informed his later and more frequent successes.

There are few books dedicated to the art of B2B CX, and as a global B2B CX practitioner, our host Christopher Brooks, engages in an informed and interrogative discussion on the topic.

While we avoid major book spoilers, our narrative closely aligns with Jim’s influences and inspiration for ‘Do B2B Better.’ Jim might just be the nicest guy in CX. Discover firsthand why he radiates such positive energy.

Series 11, Episode 4

The Human Experience with John Sills

John Sills, author, CX consultant and former head of customer innovations, is the latest in a line of illustrious professionals who have guested at the Lexden CX Book Club. John has been a crusader for better customer experiences for many years. First within a global corporate in the world of banking, and now with his consultancy helping clients ensure the experience they provide have a human connection, whether in person, on the phone of through digital contact. 

As Jon shares where the idea for his first book came from, we hear many of the themes that we’ve long emphasised on the CX Superhero podcast series as stand out traits. In conversation with series host, Christopher Brooks they explore common principles and uncover some of the reasons why CX will work, versus what holds in back in organisations. 

This provides the perfect introduction to John and his latest book, ‘The Human Experience’, and the perfect close to series 11. 

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