Our People

Work with our team of CX specialists. We combine empathy, creativity, and strategy to transform businesses through exceptional customer experiences. Let us be your guide on a journey to CX greatness; where success is measured by more than just a number on a chart but with smiles and high-fives too.


Our team are dedicated to creating exceptional customer experiences. We prioritize empathy, creativity, and strategic thinking in all our team members. We also bring diverse backgrounds and skillsets to the table, including customer experience design, analytics, research, and technology.

Together, we work collaboratively to help our clients achieve their CX goals. We transform their businesses through a customer-centric approach which delivers measurable results and long-term value.

Christopher Brooks

MD and CX Specialist

How to fulfil the customer’s outcome has always been for me, the fundamental which drives success from customer experience.

I believe if you can inspire your customers to value whatever time they spend with you over your competition, you can create a sustainable business. So CX is a force for good, creating improvement wherever it goes, from a customer’s retail transaction experience all the way to making a difference in society.

It’s a progressive movement. Each day I learn more from my colleagues, my clients, their customers who inspire. It has helped keep me curious to explore how to create even better outcomes.

I also believe when defining success we should think beyond businesses. I care for those who work with me and those I work for. It’s important, probably the most important role I have. A true win in customer experience occurs when everyone impacted by change benefits.


Christopher helps organisations understand value and apply customer centric management to the complexities of their business. Helping to drive meaningful value to customers, colleagues and the business alike. Working with clients he defines and directs customer centric strategies to achieve business goals.  He shapes strategy papers for boards, facilitates customer vision development, embeds customer centric frameworks and practices to accelerate the adoption of considering customer outcomes as a business priority.

Michael Brandt

Training Lead

About Michael

Michael is a true international; born in the UK, raised in Switzerland and conducting business for ABB across East Asia. In 2000 he was posted to Japan as Vice President, and subsequently President, of a joint-venture company with operations in Japan and Taiwan. It was this 7-year posting that really opened his eyes to what customer experience can be, given the right customer-centric mindset. He went on to become Head of Customer Experience, with global responsibility for VoC Programs and complaint. He left ABB in April 2020 to be an independent CX consultant and trainer, working with Lexden since the November 2021.

How I think

“For me, there are three things that are quintessential in CX.

1) Don’t assume you know what the customer wants. Ask!
2) Don’t bother asking if you are not prepared to listen to what the customer has to say and, more importantly, actually do anything about it.
3) Closing the loop with customers is critical. They are not mind-readers. They need to be shown that they have been heard, valued, and taken seriously. This will build a strong foundation for future dialogue and for the establishment of a true partnership.”


Voice of Customer programs, Customer Journey Mapping and Complaint Management. With his CX and Quality Management background, he takes customer insights and transforms them into improvement initiatives, intended to remove the weaknesses in the customer journey map, thereby making a significant contribution to a frictionless customer experience.

Aileen Machado


About Aileen

Aileen is a global customer experience specialist based in The Netherlands. She has over a decade of hands-on experience implementing turnkey voice of the customer (VoC) solutions and developing transformative customer-centric strategies that deliver extraordinary results and better outcomes for customers.

How I think

“A forever-student with endless curiosity, passion for customer centricity, and need for adventure. I’m at my happiest when stepping into unknown territory, tackling customer challenges, and uncovering creative win-win solutions for our customers.”


As head of Lexden’s CX Lab, Aileen is responsible for our ad-hoc CX design and implementation practices. She leverages our deep CEM expertise and innovation capabilities to tackle the most difficult CX challenges, tailor customer centric solutions and design the future of customer experience for vanguard organizations.

Ailin Rosso


About Ailin

Ailin is from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has a Master’s in Business Administration (University of San Andrés), Bachelor’s degree in Administration (University of Buenos Aires) and Coach Life (Axon). She has spent the past 10 years working with Customer Service and Customer Experience teams.

How I think

“It is only through walking in the shoes of others that we can impact business development and make the world a better place.”


Customer Journey Mapping specialist and CX trainer. She manages experience design, voice of customer and process improvement projects.

Rodrigo Perea


Where I came from

With a background in engineering, including courses and seminars on Continuous Process Improvement, I have been working at Lexden since 2020. Prior to that, I collaborated on process improvement initiatives in both the public sector and civil organizations in Mexico. Currently, I am a proud member of the Lexden family in Wroclaw, Poland.


How I think

To have a CX (Customer Experience) mindset, I believe that the first and foremost quality is empathy. It is crucial to think like the customer, to understand their needs and satisfaction, and to make this value a part of your daily actions. Additionally, having analytical thinking to identify opportunities for continuous improvement in processes is equally important. These two pillars are crucial to improve people’s lives through CX.


What I Do:

In projects, I have two main roles. Firstly, I provide support in information technology and software used in the work in progress. If there is a problem with the system, I will be there to assist. Secondly, I am responsible for mapping and elaborating process improvements, adapting them with a customer-oriented approach.

Steve Dale


Piotr Wojciechowski


Meet Piotr, our accomplished CX consultant based in Poland. Fluent in both Polish and English, his expertise shines through as he guides businesses in powering better experience by actively listening to the voices of customers and employees. Piotr excels in conceptualising strategies for positive change, making impactful improvements to processes, services, and products, all while nurturing business growth and ensuring a superior experience for all stakeholders. Notably, Piotr serves as the enthusiastic host for the Polish CX World Games, showcasing his passion for driving excellence in customer experience. With a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) designation, Piotr brings a wealth of expertise spanning design research, customer experience audits, Voice of the Customer Management, CX/EX strategies, Employee Experience (EX) enhancements, and cutting-edge technology (Techxpirience).

Prof. Dr. Phil Klaus

Non-Executive Director

Prof. Dr. Phil Klaus is widely considered one of the leading global Customer Experience Strategists and the world-leading UHNWI researcher.


Prof. Klaus is ranked on the Stanford University Annual World’s Top 2% Scientists list in 2019/2020/2021 and 2022.  He is the Chairman of the PK Customer Experience Institute, founder of Prof Dr. Phil Klaus & Associates Consulting, Professor of Customer Experience Strategy and Management at the International University of Monaco, and bestselling author of “Measuring Customer Experience”.


His award-winning research is published in a wide range of top-tier academic and managerial journals and numerous books.


He is an experienced manager, Non-Executive Director, strategic advisor and management consultant with an active, international portfolio of Blue-Chip clients for whom he advises on customer experience strategy, profit enhancement, ‘next practice,’ and business development.

Lauren Gibello

Project Manager
South Africa

Meet our invaluable team member, Lauren, the driving force behind keeping Lexden running like a well-oiled machine. Her resourcefulness and exceptional problem-solving skills are the backbone of our operations, ensuring that every challenge is met with a solution. Lauren’s keen eye for detail and unwavering commitment to precision make her the perfect project manager, overseeing every facet of our endeavors with meticulous care. Her dedication and expertise are instrumental in not only meeting but exceeding our clients’ expectations. Lauren is an indispensable part of our Lexden family, and her unwavering dedication keeps us on the path to success.

Kat Garbutt


Where I came from:

With over a decade of marketing experience in the UK, I hold an MSc in Marketing Communications from Birkbeck University of London and a BA in History with honors from the University of Sheffield. My journey began with marketing and events management at St Andew Holborn, a historic venue in Central London. Subsequently, I embarked on a 3-month internship at notonthehighstreet.com, where I gained invaluable insights in their PR and Social Media departments. Followed by 7 years at BVA BDRC international research agency, as their Marketing Manager. During this time, I managed multiple brands, nurtured junior talent, and oversaw a wide range of marketing activities, including campaign strategy, content creation, and event marketing. In 2020 I set up my own marketing business, and have worked for a range of organisations including charities, consumer goods, property and finance.

How I think:

I am passionate about uniting my love for marketing with the profound aims and aspirations of Customer Experience.  Exceptional marketing can only emerge when we genuinely comprehend the target audience and connect directly with the hearts of those who stand to benefit from the product or service being offered. By inspiring customers to value their interactions with a brand over others, we can create a sustainable business model. This philosophy is at the heart of my commitment to Customer Experience (CX) as a force for good, capable of driving improvement across the spectrum, from enhancing the retail transaction experience to making a meaningful difference in society.

What I do:

I’m responsible for Lexden’s marketing making sure we’re always helping people like you stay in the know on all matters CX.  We have our CX Book Club, CX Superheroes podcast, CX articles, the A-Z of Modern CX series and our CX Leaders interview series.

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