Curiosity Webinar – One of the 7 Superpowers of the CX Leader

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Curiosity Webinar – One of the 7 Superpowers of the CX Leader

Join us for an insightful webinar on Curiosity in CX Leadership! Discover practical strategies to drive innovation and success in Customer Experience. Hosted by Christopher Brooks and Tom Kerr.

March 22, 12:30 PM GMT

What you will learn

Delve into the power of curiosity and its pivotal role in driving innovation and success within the realm of Customer Experience leadership.

Expect to learn:

checked The psychology of curiosity, how it influences learning and decision-making
checked Practical techniques to cultivate curiosity in yourself and your team
checked Real-world examples of how curiosity can transform your approach

Learn from industry experts

Join Christopher and Tom for a discussion and Q&A on enhancing your customer experience leadership through trained curiosity.

Christopher Brooks host of Curiosity, one of the 7 superpowers

Christopher Brooks

MD, Lexden Group

Customer strategist with 20+ years’ experience, focusing on customer-centric outcomes. MD at Lexden CX, specialising in CX programmes, culture transformation, and insight optimisation. Host of CX Superheroes podcast, regular judge and panellist, and creator of CX board game. Founder of the CX World Games and passionate about improving CX for customers, employees, and society.

Tom Kerr speaker on Curiosity, one of the 7 superpowers

Tom Kerr

Researcher & Fellow of the MRS

Tom, founder of Thought Research and Treasurer of AURA Insight since 2015, is a respected leader in the UK market research sector, having held senior insight roles in major UK banks. With a focus on translating human behaviour into business improvement, Tom’s expertise is widely recognised, earning him a Fellowship of the Market Research Society in 2015.

Part of our Customer-Centric Mindset Series:

The 7 Superpowers of CX Leaders

7 traits of a customer-centric mindset

Drawing from 17 years of CX expertise across 200+ countries, and insights from CX leaders through our podcasts and interviews, we’ve identified 7 core behaviours from the leading lights in CX. Much like muscles, these traits—curiosity, empathy, listening, experimentation, celebration, sharing, and collaboration—can be learned and strengthened. Join us to unlock the power of these traits for exceptional customer experiences.

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