Lexden to Support Love Not Lost and Dwie Kreski charities in 2024

2024 Lexden Charities supported through fundraising - love not lost and Dwie Kreski

Lexden to Support Love Not Lost and Dwie Kreski charities in 2024

January, 2024.

Lexden, a leading Customer Experience (CX) specialist, announces its financial support of charitable causes starting in 2024. The company pledges to contribute to two charities each year, demonstrating its dedication to making a positive impact beyond the realm of business.

2024 Charitable Beneficiaries

For the year 2024, Lexden has chosen Love Not Lost and Dwie Kreski as the two charities to receive support.

Love Not Lost, an American organisation, supports families coping with the loss of a loved one through illness. Their unique approach involves arranging counselling through photo sessions, providing solace and support during difficult times.

Dwie Kreski, a Polish organisation meaning “Two Lines,” dedicates itself to supporting women who are pregnant and overwhelmed by their circumstances. The organisation stands without judgment, offering assistance to those navigating the challenges of pregnancy.

The selection of these two charities reflects the personal choices of key members within Lexden. Lexden’s MD, Christopher Brooks, has chosen to support Love Not Lost. While Rodrigo Perea, CX Consultant, has nominated Dwie Kreski as the second beneficiary.

Fundraising Goals and Sources

Lexden aims to raise a minimum of 1,000 for each charity in their respective local currencies with this charitable endeavour. This initial target serves as an entry point, with the potential for further contributions as the initiative gains momentum.

The funding for these charitable efforts will come from diverted funds earned through engagements, as well as from organising team fundraisers. Keep an eye out for fun fundraising events happening throughout the year.

Commitment to Social Responsibility

This initiative adds to Lexden’s ongoing commitment to ‘CX4Good’, exemplified by its founding and hosting of the Customer Experience World Games (CXWG) since 2020. The CXWG brings together CX professionals to tackle challenges, providing time and talent for free to support multiple charitable organisations annually.

Lexden’s commitment to charitable activities aligns with its ethos that the purpose of Customer Experience is to improve the lives of others. By extending its impact beyond the business landscape, Lexden continues to embody its dedication to making a positive difference in the world. We term this movement as ‘CX4Good’.

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