Series 4, Episode 2

A wake up call for CX Professionals with Nate Brown

In this episode of Customer Experience Superheroes we speak to a tour de force in customer experience, Nate Brown. As Chief Experience Officer of Officium Labs and Co-founder of the CX Accelerator community, Nate is respected across the globe for his inspirational and progressive approach to customer experience. In this episode Nate highlights a new order for CX.

As the customer experience discipline has evolved, Nate highlights the importance of knowing your role in CX and being brilliant at it. Which means making sure you have the skills you need for your purpose. He expresses how we need to ‘get out of the rut we’ve fallen into’. The age of generalists is over according to Nate, but the need for ‘generals’ to lead is still important. Leaders, like customer experience management, need to be more creative and more compelling to gain the hearts and the minds of those needed to come on the journey with them. The landscape has changed and CX professionals need to adapt and advance to keep up.

With an encyclopaedic knowledge of CX references, Nate evidences every point referencing experience, stats and leading practitioners in this conversation with CX Superhero podcast host and global CX consultant, Christopher Brooks.

If you want to meet a modern day CX Superhero, listen in to the podcast and meet Nate Brown.

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