Series 2, Episode 3

Customer data, permissions & consumer trust in CX with expert Simon Hinks

In this episode we deal with a topic often side stepped by CX professionals and practitioners – customer data. We speak to GDPR expert, financial services leader and all round ‘one of the good guys’, Simon Hinks. Global CX consultant, mentor and podcast host Christopher Brooks talks with Simon about what responsibilities Customer Experience has when it comes to customers data. Do we ever think about the implied consent when we send out feedback surveys, or do teams map out the customer ‘SAR’ (subject access request) journey? Or do we assume the CRM, data and compliance team have it covered?

Simon helps us understand the potential for getting it wrong and how costly that can be to a company in terms of fines but also a loss of customer trust. “If I can’t trust you with my data, why will I trust you with anything else? Anyone in CX should listen to this and find out just how low down the agenda is your data permission considerations, compared to where it should be?

Now in its second season, the CX Superheroes podcast series.

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