Series 9, Episode 3

Customer Insight Led Product Innovation with Matt Young

Speaking with Matt Young reminds us all how customer insight is not just for the ‘fixes’ or ‘issues’, but its also an input for innovation. In conversation with Lexden’s Global CX Lead and CX Superheroes podcast host, Christopher Brooks, Matt shares his ideas and ideals for customer insight led innovation.

As CEO of UserVoice, Matt has a lifetime of firsthand experience dealing with innovation designed insight. To paraphrase a famous football manager, he may not be the best in the world but he’s certainly in the top one. As a self confessed introvert, the inner confidence of years of working closely with clients and customers to create new product innovations comes through.

It’s a direction of travel which has awakened progressive organisations across the globe to collect and democratise customer insight to develop product and service propositions.

If you like what you hear, feel free to connect with Matt on LinkedIn as he’s offered to respond to any question you have. After all, he acknowledges that feedback is a gift and should always be responded to. Contact him on

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