CX Design Podcast
Series 12, Episode 2

CX Design with Ricardo Sultz Gulko

This episode we focus on CX design and to do so we have an expert who has installed customer-led design thinking as a leading practice within international technology giants. Ricardo Sultz Gulko (Eglobalis Information) has worked with some of the world’s biggest brands helping them to design customer experiences around the outcome they want to achieve. 

Ricardo shares his journey and his methods to arrive at better CX design. As well as imparting an array of personal and professional design experiences.  Experimentation and Collaboration are just two of the customer-centric superpowers Ricardo discusses in conversation with Lexden CX’s Christopher Brooks, also your series host.

There are many aspects of customer experience. No one person can have a satisfactory depth of expertise in all areas. The CX Superheroes podcast series brings to the mic, experts in specific fields to give you, our esteemed listener, a broader appreciation of the various components to succesful customer centricity. 

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