Series 7, Episode 2

CX in the SME Community with Claire Radbourne

Christopher Brooks’ CX Superheroes podcast series explores the talents and traits needed to be a success in Customer Experience. We meet incredibly committed individuals who are making a difference through their work in customer centricity.

The SME community is one which CX has been ‘sold’ to in the past and failed to deliver the returns it achieves for larger corporates. Why is this? A lack of qualified professionals to support this community? Possibly. More likely is that it takes a real skill to take the sometimes jargonistic language of customer centricity ands make it relevant and meaningful to the candlestick maker, retailer or international distributor – all of whom with a few employees are SME’s. But each who can increase their fortunes with improved customer experience outcomes delivered.

That’s where Claire Radbourne, from Melbourne, Australia stand apart from others. In this podcast her infectious approach to helping small companies come through. Her empathy for their situation and ability to translate CX in to something small owner companies can work with and prosper. In conversation with Christopher Brooks, Clare shares how she’s making a difference to small companies using big business models.

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