Series 13, Episode 1

CX Management Training with Michael Brandt

This episode of Lexden’s CX Superheroes features a must-listen for anyone who wants to elevate their customer experience game with training.

Join host Christopher Brooks as he interviews Michael Brandt, a European CX powerhouse. With over 3 decades of experience delivering impactful CX training around the globe, Michael shares his gold nuggets of wisdom on:

  • Building a Customer-Centric Culture: Discover proven techniques to equip your colleagues with the skills they need to create exceptional customer experiences.
  • Training Pitfalls Exposed: Learn from Michael’s experience to avoid common mistakes that can derail your training program’s effectiveness.
  • The Lexden CX Management Training Advantage: Michael unveils why he’s chosen to contribute to Lexden’s upcoming program, both by curating content and leading training sessions in specific regions.

And if you’d like to up your CX game with training this year, Michael is booked to be our Day 1 trainer in our 3 day training course in London in June. Find out more / book your spot.

CX Management Training
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