Series 5, Episode 2

CX ‘punking’ it with Adrian Swinscoe

Christopher Brooks’ CX Superheroes is now in its 5th series. Our aim is to bring listeners keen to progress the knowledge and insights from the world of customer experience. We hope listeners are inspired by the speakers and their topics.

In this episode, global CX consultant and mentor Christopher Brooks is in conversation with the renowned CX influencer Adrian Swinscoe. Adrian leaves an impression on those he deals with. One which makes them think again about CX, from his no-nonsense perspective.

As a writer for Forbes, a published author and serial speaker on the world’s biggest CX stages, Adrian’s mantra is simple; create better outcomes which you are proud of. In conversation, they explore the simplicity of CX as a topic as well as take some less conventional paths into CX management in a quest to arrive at different outcomes.

Never afraid to speak his mind in the pursuit of a better world and and improved CX practices in it, Adrian lives up to his reputation of disrupting convention in pursuit of a better tomorrow. Fortunately only one expletive!

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