Series 9, Episode 4

CX4Good Special – Playing games to make a difference

Now a regular in the calendar, over 200 CX professionals from over 35 countries meet (virtually) to solve charity CX problems. This ‘CX4Good’ initiative is called the Customer Experience World Games’. Players share their time and talents, working in teams to positively compete and provide the best solutions for the charities.

Until now it’s been thought that the main benefactors were the charities who get all the ideas. However, when we met Ravi Shankar and Sandip Gupta, regular players and seriously talented CXers who commit to making a difference through CX, it is clear that the playing community learn and develop from this unique experience.

In conversation with host Christopher Brooks, hear how the CXWG has made an impact on the lives of the playing community as well as the charities the games is designed to improve outcomes for.

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