Jim Tincher CX Superheroes Podcast
Series 12, Episode 1

Doing B2B Better with Jim Tincher

Series 12 of the CX superheroes podcast series begins with an industry legend. There are few people in CX you’d want to spend time with more than Jim Tincher. Our excitement soared when Jim agreed to be a featured author in the Lexden CX Book Club, sharing the ‘making of’ ‘Do B2B Better.’ This book captures Jim’s learnings, openly addressing both failures and successes. In fact, our discussion highlights how earlier failures (or lessons) have informed his later and more frequent successes.

There are few books dedicated to the art of B2B CX, and as a global B2B CX practitioner, our host Christopher Brooks, engages in an informed and interrogative discussion on the topic.

While we avoid major book spoilers, our narrative closely aligns with Jim’s influences and inspiration for ‘Do B2B Better.’ Jim might just be the nicest guy in CX. Discover firsthand why he radiates such positive energy.

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