Series 10, Episode 4

Exploring the Customer-centric mindset – Piotr Wojciechowski

Every once in a while you meet, or as in the case of CX Superheroes podcast host Christopher Brooks, you get to work with an exceptional talent. Piotr Wojciechowski, CX practitioner with a design background is such a talent. Having delivered a CX transformation project together in Poland, Christopher is keen the rest of the world discovers the value he has enjoyed in Piotr.

In keeping with the CX Superheroes podcast series Christopher & Piotr dive in and explore a critical topic in the world of customer centricity; the customer centric mindset. Arguably more important than any method, process or motivation for CX, the mindset sets apart those who ‘are’ CX from those that ‘do’ CX. The former being great leaders in CX.

Christopher shares some of the characteristics of great CX leaders with Piotr who in turns examines and qualifies attributes. Piotr also helps us understand his journey to running the Polish CX company Fuzers, and how CX has accelerated its prominence in Polish business during and since the pandemic.

If you enjoy the podcast, get in touch with guest Piotr through his LinkedIn profile or email [email protected].

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