Series 13, Episode 3

Failing Forward: CX Lessons Learned

Several months ago I received a book in the post with a note which read, ‘Dear Christopher, Enjoy reading our book and let us know what you think of it. We would be happy to become part your CX book club, kind regards Friederike and Aleksandra. And now it has happened!

Join me Christopher Brooks, your host for the CX Superheroes podcast series as we complete the 6th CX Book Review in our one off series with Friederike Niehoff and Alexsandra Pilniak. Combining our CX Book Club Q&A with some guest members, and our CX Superhero podcast, we have created an interesting mash up. 

Hear how having worked together at Kramp, Friederike and Aleksandra vowed to work again, and with encouragement set about to write a book which focussed on the  many reasons CX programmes fail. It acts as a safety manual helping others avoid the pitfalls our intrepid duo have encountered.

CX Book - Why your customer experience program will fail

The book (Why Your Customer Experience Program Will Fail… and 7 proven ways to avoid it) is full of their favourite inspirations and CX lessons; both frameworks and commentators. Throughout it becomes clear how important they believe  authenticity to achieve success from CX, and it’s a position we can all get behind. 

We also hear how the process worked in creating the book and how a partnership is needed when it comes to content.  

So tune in to the latest podcast, on the final book review of the current series. 

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