Series 8, Episode 3

From Impressed to Obsessed with Jon Picoult

Welcome to the CX Superheroes podcast. Now in series 8, we bring commentary from some of the world’s most impressive CX practitioners as they help us to discover the CX Superpowers needed to be a leader. Hosted by global CX expert Christopher Brooks each episode explores a different aspect of CX, from a new perspective,

In this episode I speak with Jon Picoult who has been at the forefront of proving the ROI case on CX for the past decade. Through this work with Watermark he has bee recognised across the globe. And now he shares his stories from his travels in a structured book focussing on how to evolve impressive CX to an obsessive culture driven by great customer experiences. In conversation with Christopher Jon unpacks several of the ‘Principles’ and shares exceptional examples to make real what is often deemed too theoretical. It is a great framework and a must have for anyone pursuing better outcomes for their customers. Available via Amazon, it is a must have inclusion on the CX book shelf for the self taught and for those experienced practitioners seeking fresh examples of excellence.

Jon’s easy style of story telling explains why he is a firm favourite on the CX event circuit. Tune in here and get a front row seat to a wealth of learning with Jon at the CX Superheroes podcast. Jon Picoult ca be found on LinkedIn if you wish to connect with the author.

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