Series 5, Episode 1

Leadership v Management in CX with Steve Bederman

In this episode CX Superheroes podcast host Christopher Brooks spends time with a true leader in one of the key areas of a customer centricity; customer service. Steve Bederman is the CEO of NobelBiz, a leading contact centre company, with over 250 employees.

Having started his career as a call agent some 40 years, Steve has grown several business and is now both a leader and influencer within the contact center sector, Having developed leading approaches to contact centre management and technology solutions, these have proved invaluable to a dazzling array of clients.

At NobelBiz he leads by the company motto: make a promise, keep a promise. We get to hear what that really means and it’s power in directing all employees to deliver better experiences for clients’ customers.

Steve talks to us specifically about keeping the promise of leadership and how that’s different from management, both in business at large and in contact centers in general, reflecting on the evolving requirements of contacts centres, leaders and managers as we work through the current pandemic. You can keep up with Steve directly at

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