Series 5, Episode 4

Meaningful Membership Experience with Steve Devine

In this series we look at the CX Superpowers needed by CX leaders and demonstrated by leading brands seeking to create competitive advantage from customer experience. In this episode we look specifically at what this means for membership experience.

Steve Devine heads up PROTECT a membership association for those in the world of protection (insurers, technologists and consultancies). With a combination of relevant content, engaging speakers and enjoyable events Steve has seen PROTECT grow, with some members still there since origination.

But in March 2020 everything changed for Steve and PROTECT. As the world of event management and hospitality went in to lockdown, Steve also fell victim to Covid-19.

Global CX consultant and mentor Christopher Brooks, is in conversation with Steve to hear his extraordinary story of resilience and survival. As well as sharing just how important fostering a culture of collaboration can be when you need those around you to step up.

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