Episode 8

Measuring Emotional Drivers

In the ‘Experience the Difference’ podcast series from the European Customer Experience Organisation, we bring emerging talent to the spotlight, as well as share views from established thinkers. Recognising the importance of diversity in CX, we share a wide perspective of insights, ideas and new initiatives. In this episode, show host Christopher Brooks, catches up with Anne-Laure de Broissia. Based in Paris, France Anne-Laure is co-founder of emotional driver platform Maia- BE. As a former researcher, Anne-Laure shares how an engagement with a client in the luxury brand market highlighted the limitations of conventional measures of CX which inspired her to develop a solution the client could not only use but take the findings and action. To hear anne-Laure’s journey, the impact Maia-BE is making in the world of CX and how the ECXO is supporting that journey, download the podcast.

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