Series 10, Episode 2

NLP connecting us to what matters

The Customer Experience Superheroes is now in its 10th series. We’ve introduced you to CX professionals and practitioners from across the globe. Seeking out new thinkers and rule breakers who dare to experiment to achieve better outcomes, when others are content to rely on convention.

In this episode we join in conversation between Eli Lepkifker, co-founder and CTO of Tagado, and Christopher Brooks, global CX specialist and MD Lexden CX Consulting.

Eli shares his story, from the origins of research at Citibank to a CEO leading a growing customer feedback company, shaped for the future, not constrained by the past.

Having seen the shortfalls and failing of standard CX measurement approaches, Eli set out to find a stronger outcome. One which focused on what was said and not the score it came with. As a researcher he wanted to be purely inspired by customers, not scores.

Listen to the podcast to hear how Eli and Tagado have landed in the world of CX, and where the future will be taking them.

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