Series 11, Episode 2

People before Profits with Annette Franz

There is one content producer in the CX Community we have wanted to have as a guest for some time; Annette Franz. As a consultant, author, trainer and mentor Annette has spent a slice of her career working with clients to improve outcomes for their customers, colleagues and communities. This was a key part of our topic of this CX Superhero podcast episode. In conversation with Lexden’s Christopher Brooks, Annette shares her journey through CX and why putting people at the heart of a CX transformation is essential to succeed.

This is just one of the insightful and brilliantly written chapters from Annette’s latest business book, ‘Built to Win’. The discussion covers the origins of the book, its novel structure and taps into some of the themes which Annette brings to life with examples and practice templates.

To condense the highlights from Annette’s impressive career into a short podcast isn’t possible, but we thank her for her generosity to share so much in the time we did have. We hope you as inspired as we are.

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