Series 5, Episode 3

Sustained Employee Engagement with Shane Goldberg

Christopher Brooks’ Customer Experience Superheroes podcast series explore the mindset, skillset and behavioural strengths needed to be a CX leader today. We discuss with experts in their field the superpowers needed to be among the elite achieving success from customer centricity.

In this episode we catch up with Shane Goldberg, lead CX consultant at CustCore Ltd, Melbourne, Australia. Shane is responsible for guiding clients through customer transformation programmes. In every instance he has recognised the importance of engaging employees who are a few steps removed from directly interacting with customers.

In discussion with global CX specialist, Christopher Brooks, the CX Superheroes podcast host, Shane generously shares ideals, ideas and practice advice for embedding deep rooted employee engagement. He talks about how to engage functions such as legal, finance and production, often overlooked with CX focussing on service and operations. And how to sustain that engagement.

By listening, you will benefit from advice taken from several case studies and hear learnings from experts such as Colin Shaw and Nate Brown shared in the discussion.

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