Episode 4

The democratisation of customer intelligence

In the latest episode of Experience the Difference, the ECXO’s podcast we speak with Federico Cesconi, a recognised leader in customer intelligence. As the CEO and Founder of AI powered CXM solution, Sandsiv, Federico has established his reputation as a world authority on customer feedback.

Having worked on his first NPS programme two decades ago, Federico has harnessed technology to assist clients across the globe get closer to customer intelligence. But collection and action are very different elements of keeping the voice of the customer central in a organisation. Federico discusses the difference and how to move from collection to action.

In conversation with ECXO’s podcast host global CX specialist, Christopher Brooks, Federico shares his wealth of experience on how it’s possible to empower all to make decisions on behalf of the customer. As well as the value of connecting to a CX community motivated to raise sector standards.

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