Series 11, Episode 4

The Human Experience with John Sills

John Sills, author, CX consultant and former head of customer innovations, is the latest in a line of illustrious professionals who have guested at the Lexden CX Book Club. John has been a crusader for better customer experiences for many years. First within a global corporate in the world of banking, and now with his consultancy helping clients ensure the experience they provide have a human connection, whether in person, on the phone of through digital contact. 

As Jon shares where the idea for his first book came from, we hear many of the themes that we’ve long emphasised on the CX Superhero podcast series as stand out traits. In conversation with series host, Christopher Brooks they explore common principles and uncover some of the reasons why CX will work, versus what holds in back in organisations. 

This provides the perfect introduction to John and his latest book, ‘The Human Experience’, and the perfect close to series 11. 

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