Series 2, Episode 4

The impact of Covid-19 on online consumer behaviour with Dr Marina Shapira PhD

This episode of Christopher Brooks’ CX Superheroes is a must listen episode if you are considering what and how to adjust your digital strategy in response to the current pandemic crisis. With the connection between digital behaviour and customer experience as close as any, keeping a watchful eye on changing online trends is critical.

Through data and digital Customer Experience is gradually becoming a more scientific based approach to business decision making. With more focus than ever before on the reliability of behavioural change outsmarting the less reliable sentiment measures of CX. Keeping close to the scientists to understand your next move in a crisis is a smart move.

In this episode, we catch up with a true CX Superhero in this space. Dr Marina Shapira PhD shares with us some of the latest findings into customer research behaviour online during the Covid-19 crisis. We hear how customers shopping habits have changed as a more primal survival instinct kicks in and affecting how we shop as well as what we buy. Marina discusses what is emerging in the studies commissioned with Quantum Metric, a leading specialist in this field.

Dr Shapira explains that a fuzzy combination of logic and emotion are driving a new definition of loyalty, and shares both her hypothesis and evidence to support why this is the case. A fascinating conversation with a true CX Superhero.

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