Series 4, Episode 1

The Power of Lego Serious Play with Sirte Pihlaja

Welcome to series 4 of the Customer Experience Superheroes podcast series. Designed to highlight various superpowers needed to be a CX leader today, we bring you a variety of topics including UHNW customer personas, to journey mapping, employee engagement and service design approaches.

Global CX consultant, mentor and host Christopher Brooks interviews leading practitioners who share their expertise to inspire others looking to blaze a trail in CX.

In this episode we meet up with Sirte Pihlaja to hear about the CX value of Lego Serious Play (LSP). The creative workshop technique is proving a hit with corporate audiences enabling colleagues to unlock their inner creativity and build better solutions.

As CEO of Shirute in Finland, Sirte has trained to become a specialist at running Lego Serious Play workshops.

We hear how the technique is helping companies to tackle all manner of challenges, but it proves particularly useful to visualise customer experience scenarios and improvements.

Sirte, along with the CX Superheroes host Christopher Brooks is a contributor to the latest edition in the Customer Experience series. Sirte covers LSP in her chapter in Customer Experience 2.

To order the book, visit Amazon. And if you’d like to contact Sirte about booking a Lego Serious Play session, visit

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