Series 8, Episode 4

The start up’s perfect CX mindset – Kelly Mukhida

As we close series 8, what better way than with a first! In this episode of the Customer Experience Superheroes podcast, host, Christopher Brooks is in conversation with Kelly Mukhida, CX lead at start up

Having spotted a gap in the ‘tasting/catering/delivery’ market (it is such as good spot its not properly defined yet), Kelly explains how Delli’s ‘customer first’ strategy is authentic, because they are building up from scratch. Unlike competitors who have to understand how long it will take to migrate, or which of their cash cows will need to be sacrificed to be customer led, Delli does not have this distraction.

As you listen to Kelly, you will be envious of her ‘no compromise’ approach to putting customers, and their enjoyment of Delli, ahead of everything. From the world of corporate CX, Kelly explains how the freedom of a start up has allowed her to be creative and courageous.

The sound of the business being literally built in the background adds to the fever pitch atmosphere which Kelly clearly thrives in.

If you would like to connect with Kelly, she’s happy to do so on LinkedIn

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