Episode 5

There is no such thing as a digital experience

Finland may not be the first country you think of when you consider Customer Experience. But why not? The dynamics of a nation can often accelerate the importance of CX as part of the buying criteria. Kari, has been practising CX in service of organisations in Finland, and now beyond, for many years.

He has made many observations, often reported in articles and when invited to share with audiences. One particular topic he has an interesting perspective which will resonate with anyone who has been pushed through a digital transformation is the notion of a digital experience is a misnomer.

Join us in conversation with ECXO Ambassador, Christopher Brooks, hosting the Experience the Difference podcast series with members of the ECXO community. In this episode Kari explains both the dependence on humans commitment to achieve any transformation. Plus we explore the reality that even with a digital experience the support or interface with a human experience is essential for success.

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