Series 1, Episode 4

Value of Customer Journey Mapping with Christopher Brooks

This episode of Christopher Brooks’ CX Superheroes is more of a masterclass than the common structured format listeners are familiar with.

Customer Journey Mapping is one of the most recognised practices in customer experience. The ability to demonstrate the value of mapping is less often seen. Maps can be the catalyst to the savings and the gains made from customer experience. Understanding how to value them and create significance amongst the business is key.

Having facilitated and designed over 200 journey maps with organisations, I bring expertise from many sectors and mapping scenarios. In this podcast we cover the following aspects of customer journey mapping:

– How to value customer journey maps in business terms

– Putting customers at the heart of mapping

– What the organisation gains from ‘CJM’

– Explaining journey architectures, epics and why persona matter

– How to keep maps customer focussed and process light

With future episodes covering journey map design and facilitating ‘as is’ and ‘to be’ mapping workshops.

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