Series 9, Episode 1

Winning on Purpose with Fred Reichheld

Fred Reichheld is business management royalty. The inventor of the universally adopted metric NPS (Net Promoter Score), Fred has dedicated his life to helping promote the importance in business of enriching peoples lives. He has worked with many organisations across the globe understanding what it is they do to make their customers want to stay with them and encourage others to join them too; the true meaning of loyalty as Fred puts it.

Despite NPS being adopted by every industry and across the globe, Fred remains restless. With the majority of those using NPS not gaining the full potential. To address this Fred has written an incredibly generous book, ‘Winning on Purpose’ which not only lays down the formula for measuring commercial gain from customer experience, but also shares a lifetime of experiences with some of the most successful brands on the planet.

In conversation with Lexden’s CX’s Christopher Brooks, Fred unpacks his manifesto from Winning on Purpose for enriching people’s lives and encouraging more love in business. A tour de force, with a pedigree track record this podcast is a must for any CXer, as is Fred’s latest book, Winning on Purpose’

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