The Importance of Promoting Teamwork

Teamwork at Lexden

The Importance of Promoting Teamwork

The importance of performing as a team has always been a critical factor in the continuation of Lexden. Since origination in 2017, when we have worked as a team we’ve collectively grown, and the business has strengthened.

We now have consultants working from eight countries, often collaborating on the same assignment. Diversity is important to ensure we develop the most progressive solutions for our clients. Equally, performing as a team is a priority and not allowing a remote set-up to compromise on this.

Our deep commitment to customer-centricity empowers our clients to make the shift themselves. So, when we get feedback from a new starter which affirms, we get it right it’s very rewarding:

“I must add, the entire Lexden team has been so wonderful and welcoming; I really appreciate it 🙂. You guys have created an awesome connected and open culture despite everybody being remote. I bet you’re proud of it!”

Results matter, but so do teamwork and individual growth. We celebrate successes, both internal and external. We often share updates on the achievements of the teams we follow or take part with as well. Whether this is football, netball, volleyball, swimming, hockey, rugby etc. We like to get behind each other, and we like to get behind our teams too.

What is great about this line of conversation is we share the passion when our teams succeed, and we show our solidarity and commitment when they don’t. So we decided it would be fun to all have a team in common we can root for each week and support.

Lexden CX sponsor East Men’s Premier Division hockey team, Bishops Stortford 1stXI

With Lexden’s UK office in Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, England it was fitting to choose a local team, and ideally, one we relate to. Bishops Stortford Men’s 1st XI Hockey made sense as my son is part of the team, and I often watch the matches. Despite being a junior player, he was welcomed into the senior squad. The team’s inclusivity and generous guidance fostered his development, propelling him from youth to men’s hockey. Promoted last season, the team are holding their own in the Premier League looking to retain their status and push on next season.

As a group, they are very connected and play as one with belief when they play as a team. It makes all the difference. Last week they took on Chelmsford 1stXI, away from home. Not only do Chelmsford top the league, as it comes to the end of the season, they had not lost a match. Bishops Stortford did not let stats in their way and through a very tough match, were victors 2-1.

Lexden are delighted to sponsor of the team’s away strip. This photo was taken minutes after their victory. Hoping our strong team spirit inspired them during the game. We return to Lexden carrying the torch of their incredible spirit, determination, and passion—key ingredients to achieving that victory.

Hockey is a great sport for all, and I encourage anyone with young children to consider it as well as or instead of other contact sports. The coaches are committed, the crowds are enthusiastic and the team attitude between players is admirable. Click this link to find out more about playing, whatever your age or ability.

We look forward to the close of the season and wish the Bishops Stortford 1st XI team every success in their final matches. As well as looking forward to sharing their progress back with our team as an added flame of inspiration for Lexden CX.

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