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How Lexden brings customer experience to life through innovative content and strategic creativity

Our award-winning activation team is highly experienced in developing customer content, online strategies and brand-led solutions for leading customer-centric organisations.

With the support of Lexden Customer Experience consultancy, your ‘CX science’ will be up to scratch.

But how do you bring the strategy to life?

Too often in traditional communications and brand activation, there’s still a disconnect.

In our view, conventional ‘creative’ agencies just don’t get it.

If you consider marketing in the late 20th century, you can see why.

Changing the brandscape

From the Madmen era, measures like brand awareness / preference often stood as predictive proxies for customer behaviour.

Such metrics still have value.

However, the link between ‘share of voice’ and ‘share of category’ tends to be reflexive. In other words, successful brand owners have the scale and resources to use mass media to build and defend successful brands.

In the new age of marketing, the relationship between the consumer and mass media (and business) has now changed beyond recognition.

The Edelman Global Trust Report 2017 shows the continuing erosion of trust in ‘official’ sources of information.

Once upon a time, your marketing was the formative influence on customers. Now the impact is undermined and crowded out by a host of other factors.

What’s the solution?

We believe that the creative focus on ‘what matters to customers’ must be what matters to you. This gives you a huge opportunity – but a very precise target to hit, as ‘humanly’ as you can.

Because customer content creates content customers.

And that’s why we’re building a new model – a unique end-to-end consultancy for customer experience, customer content and activation – to help you attract more business and build profitability.

If you’d like to hear our creative credentials in person, email petemartin@lexdengroup.com




A founding director of the UK’s first fully integrated agency, Pete has 30 years’ experience in creative industries on both sides of the Atlantic. With over 100 industry awards in advertising, digital, brand & design, he was previously executive creative director in New York, and is one of the UK’s most experienced creative professionals. He has spoken on creativity at the Edinburgh International Festival and the RSA in London.


Lou began her career in film. She was Senior Editor at a leading film studio, before switching roles to project management. She has produced work for major UK and global businesses such as Aviva, CFA Institute, Moet Hennessy, Scottish Widows, SSE and Seafish. Her role includes ensuring excellent production values and on-budget delivery. Lou has won awards for the films she has produced and is especially proud of the global “Best of Health’ film award for NHS Education.


John is a talented and versatile digital marketing leader. Not only is he streets ahead of other consultants in terms of skill and talent, he can predict new trends before they happen. His expertise ranges across online marketing, but also comprehends programming, sales processes and a deep understanding of online business. John is a pioneer in search and experiments relentlessly to uncover what really works.


Customer content creates content customers