We took a fresh look at Churchill’s priced based positioning which led to a first non-priced based positioning which proved strong enough to be featured as leading brand TV ads.

The challenge

Differentiate Churchill from others using a non-priced based proposition.

The solution

Optimising existing research and customer feedback studies, we understood what the emotional drivers for choosing Churchill were rather than the rational. Having identified that Churchill was a ‘one I’d put in the life boat’ brand for its customers we found the important customer experience moments the brand delivered beyond those everyone else delivered. This allowed us to showcase how Churchill could help when it mattered beyond others; i.e. in a crisis (even if you didn’t need to claim). This provided the evidence needed to have a more frequent, and engaging non-priced based contact with customers.

The results

The brand experience was optimised across the business including Churchill’s first non-priced based TV ad.

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