The Challenge

The intention from the outset in categorising queries was to inform the inner loop case resolution process. Taking a step back from the day-to-day operations it became clear that whilst effective in this way, the potential value of the insight to inform strategic changes was being missed.

Our Approach

Lexden were appointed to help the senior leadership team organise customer feedback to inform strategic priorities to reduce the Customer Care efforts and improve outcomes from customers.

In order to do this, we set about reviewing the types of feedback which had exceeded the capture codes created in Customer Care. Using a combination of colleague subject matter expertise, social media inputs, survey data and customer queries we organised the highlighted issues across several customer journey stages. From here we developed a set of personas to represent the needs and value of customers.


With the picture fully shared, we were able to connect issues and identify user stories and resulting impacts for customers and ASOS. This led to a clear picture of:

  • What issues were occurring and when
  • The scale of impact
  • How it affected different customer groups
  • Ability to prioritise improvements
  • Updates needed to the Customer Care teams management of queries insights

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