Putting the customer at the heart of business decision making


Syngenta is a global agrochemical and agricultural biotechnology company, operating at the forefront of the agricultural industry with a significant presence worldwide.

In a B2B environment where your product is sold via distributors, it’s important to know what matters most to both the distributor and the end user (growers in the case of Syngenta). Most importantly, the delivery of the experience to these audiences should be consistent.

Syngenta (North Europe) identified that the experience they provided was considered a competitive advantage. However, it was not a consistent experience across various stages of customer engagement. 


We were appointed to run a behavioural driver study, using the world-famous EXQ methodology. This identified the most important behavioural drivers for Syngenta’s customers when it comes to their experience. We also identified strengths and weaknesses of experiences with competitors. This allowed us to separate market-expected drivers of choice from brand-differentiating drivers of choice for Syngenta to prioritise.

Using this insight, we created a set of customer principles, unique to Syngenta and their customers. This was fused with their brand values. These informed all functions, from operations to commercial to finance, what mattered most to the customer and how to deliver it in a brand-differentiating way.


Several years after launching these customer principles they remain a leading business design and decision-making asset in the business. 

They continue to guide how customer issues and opportunities are shaped to create competitive advantage.

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