CX Training Tips: Build Your Dream Team

CX Training in organisations

CX Training Tips: Build Your Dream Team

Training Customer Champions: Insights from the CX Superheroes Podcast

In today’s competitive landscape, exceptional customer experience isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. But how do you equip your team with the skills and mindset to turn happy customers into loyal brand advocates? CX Training.

The CX Superheroes podcast sheds light on this very question, featuring a conversation on CX Training between host Christopher Brooks and customer experience guru Michael Brandt.

The episode tackles the challenges organisations face in delivering impactful CX training. We’ve all been there – overflowing schedules, generic programs that feel disconnected from daily work, and the struggle to measure the true impact of training initiatives.

But fear not, CX champions! The podcast offers a roadmap to success:

Secure buy-in from the top brass

Frame CX training as an investment, directly connected to business goals like increased sales and skyrocketing customer satisfaction scores.

Next, ditch the one-size-fits-all approach.

Tailor training to your organisation’s unique DNA. Consider your company’s size, industry, and maturity level to craft a program that resonates with your team.

Make learning an active adventure

Instead of passive lectures, incorporate engaging exercises, case studies, and simulations. Imagine your team role-playing a tricky customer interaction, then debriefing and brainstorming winning solutions.

Engagement is key. Ditch the monotony and embrace a variety of learning methods. Think group discussions where ideas can bounce around the room, role-playing activities that put theory into practice, and even gamified quizzes to keep things light and competitive.

But training isn’t a one-time event

It’s the spark that ignites a fire. Measure the programme’s effectiveness by tracking customer satisfaction scores and employee engagement levels. This data becomes your ammunition, proving the training’s positive impact on your organisation’s health.

The journey doesn’t end there. Provide ongoing support and resources to keep the momentum going. Think refresher courses, online communities, and access to knowledge bases – anything that empowers your team to continuously learn and refine their CX skills.

New CX Management Training from Lexden

In the podcast Christopher and Michael introduce a brand new CX Management Training programme from Lexden. The London course features Michael Brandt as one of the three trainers for the three-day in-person London training course.

This programme is all about practical application, equipping participants with the knowledge and skills to champion a customer-centric approach within their organisations.

The programme starts with an in-person 3 day intensive course in central London. More dates and locations to be announced shortly, including virtual options of the course for global accessibility.

The curriculum delves deep, with three core modules:

  • Module 1: Motivation for Customer Centricity – Why It Matters – This module lays the foundation, building a compelling case for why putting the customer at the heart of everything you do is the key to success.
  • Module 2: Customer Experience Management Methodology – Here, participants get hands-on, learning practical frameworks and tools to design and implement winning CX initiatives.
  • Module 3: The Customer Experience Mindset – This module goes beyond the technical aspects, fostering a culture of empathy, active listening, and a genuine desire to delight customers at every touchpoint.

Imagine your team armed with the knowledge to not only advocate for a customer-centric approach, but also to develop and measure the success of their initiatives. The Lexden programme provides a springboard for continuous learning and improvement, ensuring your organisation stays ahead of the CX curve.

Michael Brandt, with his impressive 25-year tenure in the CX arena, brings invaluable expertise to the programme. He emphasises the importance of cultural sensitivity in today’s globalised world, ensuring the training resonates with a diverse audience. Brandt also champions the importance of ongoing feedback and continuous improvement, ensuring the programme stays relevant and impactful.

Book onto the June Training Course

So, if you’re ready to transform your team into a customer experience dream team, take a page out of the CX Superheroes playbook. Invest in effective training, empower your people, and watch your customer satisfaction soar. After all, in the world of CX, happy customers are your greatest weapon.

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