CX4Good – The Donor Experience

CX4Good – The Donor Experience

Introducing Neil Greenwood’s Presentation: “When Your Customer is a Donor”

We are excited to feature Neil Greenwood’s insightful presentation, “When Your Customer is a Donor,” from our CX4Good conference. In this compelling session, Neil delves into his extensive work with NHS Blood and Transplant, focusing on the unique donor experience and the challenges faced by his Customer Experience (CX) team.

Neil explores the fundamental differences between customers and donors, highlighting the distinct motivations that drive their engagement with an organization. He discusses the varying needs, drivers, and barriers each group encounters. Furthermore, Neil reveals the meticulous process of curating the donor journey, ensuring that information needs are met and reinforcing the reasons why individuals choose to become donors in the first place.

CX4Good: Transforming Customer Experience into a Force for Positive Change

CX4Good is a movement within the Customer Experience community. We believe CX can be a powerful tool to create positive outcomes for our communities, society, and the CX industry itself.

It’s about giving back, not getting back. We focus on using our CX expertise to achieve better results for others, without expecting personal gain. It’s about showing up, contributing our skills, and making a real difference.

Success Redefined:

CX4Good redefines success in CX. It’s no longer just about individual company goals, but about the positive impact we can have on the world.

Our 5 Core Principles:

  1. Expanding the Customer Ecosystem: We consider the entire customer ecosystem, including customers, their communities, employees, partners, and stakeholders.
  2. Empowering Non-Profits: We support charitable organizations and NGOs by providing them with valuable CX expertise.
  3. Elevating CX Standards: We strive to continuously raise the bar for excellence within the CX discipline.
  4. Building a Stronger Community: We foster collaboration and knowledge sharing within the CX community.
  5. Celebrating Collective Progress: We believe in celebrating progress and learning from each other’s successes.

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Join the Movement:

Become part of the CX4Good movement and help us transform customer experience into a powerful force for good.

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