Understanding the principles of customer experience is an important first step. Once appreciated it becomes apparent that delivering the potential gains from CX requires a disciplined business practice underpinning the ambition. This is where customer experience management (CXM) training comes in.

With two decades of experience crafting CXM programmes, Lexden has condensed its learnings into a powerful 3-day intensive training programme designed to accelerate your journey towards customer-centricity.

Book now: 18-20 June, London

Designed for those who wish to accelerate and establish customer-centricity as a leading practice in their organisations, we will take you through six fundamentals across three days

Day 1 – Motivation & measurement

Day 2 – Methodology & operating model

Day 3 – Mindset & employee engagement

Designed for Action

This programme caters to professionals who want to establish a customer-centric culture within their organisations. Over three days, we’ll delve into six core CXM fundamentals through a blend of:

  • Motivational sessions: We’ll ignite your passion for CX and demonstrate its potential to drive business growth.
  • Measurement techniques: Learn how to track and evaluate your CX efforts to ensure continuous improvement.
  • Practical methodologies: We’ll equip you with actionable frameworks and tools for successful CX implementation.
  • Operating model guidance: Gain insights on building a customer-centric operating model within your organization.
  • Mindset development: Explore how to foster a culture of empathy and active listening among your employees.
  • Employee engagement strategies: Discover effective methods to keep your team motivated and invested in delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Venue: The Gate Hotel, London

Join us in London (18-20 June)

On June 18th, we open our doors at The Gate Hotel, London, to share our globally proven CXM approach. This intimate training programme features a limited number of participants, creating a space for focused learning and collaboration.

Benefit from the combined wisdom of three world-class CX professionals with over 50 years of experience transforming customer experiences for global companies.

What you learn will be applied to a choice of B2C and B2B case studies throughout the course so that you can experience first-hand how to translate the knowledge into action.

Our first intensive 3-day CXM training programme is in London City from June 18th-20th. There are limited places, so sign up fast to confirm your place.

Unique Selling Points:

  • Focus on Practical Application: The programme goes beyond theory, providing participants with opportunities to apply their learnings through case studies, group discussions, and interactive exercises.
  • World-Class Trainers: The programme benefits from the expertise of three highly experienced CX professionals.
  • Limited Class Size: Small group learning environments facilitate personalised attention and deeper engagement.

Also, in 2024 we will be bringing the programme to Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America. Register your interest to be informed when dates and locations are announced.

Limited Spots Available

CX Management Training
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