Series 7, Episode 4

Abundance v Scarcity mindset in CX with John D. Hanson

In this episode of the Customer Experience Superheroes podcast we discuss CX leadership with John Hanson. As consultant, author and President of Accelerated Revenue, John has spent a lifetime listening and observing qualities of leadership in CX.

In conversation with host, with Christopher Brooks, John shares his experiences of leadership in customer experience explaining the binary principle of the Abundance mindset versus the Scarcity mindset. He explains how Generation Y and Millenniums deselect organisations who survive on a scarcity mindset because it doesn’t allow individuals to add value and make a difference and how this is now as important as the pay cheque for a new generation of workers.

If you lead or support leaders in customer experience, this is a must listen to understand how and why approaches to leadership need to evolve.

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