Series 10, Episode 3

Adam Alfia – Putting customer insights in the hands of operations

The Customer Experience superheroes aims to inspire you with the latest thinkers in CX. Hosted by global customer experience specialist Christopher Brooks of Lexden CX, you are introduced to qualified experts in their field of customer experience specialism.

One critical area of customer experience is customer feedback. But too often this is seen as the collection and reporting back of performance. With a dashboard being the end product. But, as Adam Alfia, founder of RealTime Feedback highlights, what is the point of collecting feedback if it doesn’t effect change. And whilst a dashboard can show status, it cant deliver the change. Adam shares how RealTime Feedback empower operational colleagues with insights which lead to improvements, which can immediately assist customers.

But it doesn’t stop here. Adam explains how customer feedback platforms in spaces where the public reside can also play a secondary role in the welfare of customers. As someone committed to better outcomes, Adam has not limited his thinking to insight to deliver operational improvements, but also as an ‘alert’ system to safely inform the authorities of threatening or disruptive human behaviour.

As someone who has been around the industry for so long, it was incredibly rewarding to hear how Adam is still inventing and innovating on behalf of the customer. To hear the full interview, please tune in.

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