Series 1, Episode 3

Being the CXRockstar with James Dodkins

In this episode we meet up with the CXRockstar James Dodkins; key note speaker, writer, broadcaster, guitar player and recently crowned 2019 No1 CX Influencer in the UK.

Global CX consultant, mentor and podcast host, Christopher Brooks speaks to James about the importance of ‘Influence’ in Customer Experience.

James explains how he sees his role as one to help and inspire others by using a more accessible format; music and creativity. In a very open and honest interview James shares what he does, how he does it and why he loves doing what he does (so well).

He provides several ideas and tips to help professionals thrive at customer experience and shares what he thinks will be the focus for the next decade. Leaving you in no doubt of his ability to influence and engage an audience.

If you are a budding CX professional or want to learn the CX Superpower of Influence this is a podcast not to be missed.

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