Series 8, Episode 2

Charity Experience Masterclass with Ashley Jones

Ashley Jones is an incredible individual. As the founder of Love Not Lost, a bereavement charity which helps families when a loved one passes, by creating enduring memories, she is more than making her life a meaningful one in society.

The way Ashley runs the charity provides an exceptional experience for donors (the Heartbeat), benefactors, photographers (tune in to hear how they fit in), volunteers and board members is breathtaking.

Listen to the podcast, hosted by Christopher Brooks, and you will be taken on a masterclass in charity experience. Already a TEDx speaker and featured on BBC podcasts, Ashley is a source of learning for others. From finding your true north and applying it to everything you do to ‘celebrating the success of others as your progress’. Ashley covers all the bases despite not coming from a customer experience background.

As is always the case with Ashley’s generosity, she gives all her tips away. But if you really want to know how good the experience is, sign up. Make your, ‘Giving Tuesday’ extra cause. You can connect with Ashley on LinkedIn if you want to be in touch with this inspirational maverick, making a difference to so many people’s lives.

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