Series 1, Episode 2

Citizen M Hotels with Christopher Brooks

There are a handful of brands out there which truly get Customer Experience. The typically disrupt markets and make customers reconsider what matters most to them. Citizen M, the boutique transformational hotel chain started in Amersterdam and has now conqured half the world.

It’s focus on affordable luxury is brought to life with a consistent brand style and a band of brand Ambassadors in every hotel, empowered to do it all. As your guide on this journey, I believe clients are CX Superheroes and their employees posses CX Superpowers which once unearthed bring the brand to life in a more meaningful way for its customers. Citizen M ticks that box with a thick marker pen!

In this episode I walk through the hotel experience (in Glasgow) sharing observations which demonstrate how Citizen M has come to define the category. And earn my respect with it.

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