Series 6, Episode 2

Customer Service Upgraded with Bryan Horn

Each episode unpacks another areas of customer experience with an expert in their field. In Christopher Brooks’ latest Customer Experience Superpower we look at Customer Service with Bryan Horn, author of ‘Get you Stuff and Get Out!’ And we discover how badly managed customer service leads to badly behaved customers. Bryan takes through ‘the death words’ used by companies when they are excusing their inaction, and how in turn customers are becoming affected by bad service, conditioning themselves for the worst.

In conversation with global CX consultant and mentor Christopher Brooks, Bryan brings to life how easy it is when you shift the culture, to create amazing experiences without even breaking sweat. Christopher and Bryan exchange a host of real case examples to illustrate the difference between ‘not good enough’ and ‘jaw dropping’ customer service.

Having published his second book on the topic, Bryan demonstrates just why he has become one of the leading ‘go to’ consultants for customer service improved performance.

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