Series 4, Episode 3

From Customer Service to Customer Care with Nick Lygo-Baker

Nick Lygo-Baker has spent many years research agency side to develop a specialism in voice of the customer. Having moved to become a CX consultant, leading Paradigm CX Ltd, he’s been able to take his specialism to many clients to help them both understand how to generate more powerful insights, but also how to convert what they find into actionable improvements.

In conversation with global CX consultant and mentor Christopher Brooks, host of the CX Superheroes podcast series, they discuss one area of particular attention is customer service, and how companies can turn this ‘cost to serve’ function into having a customer care purpose and contribute towards revenue protection. With specific reference to the importance of this consideration during a pandemic.

Nick shares his first hand experience of these real challenges with international clients, which form part of a new book entitled Customer Experience 2 which he contributes towards.

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